Swiggy Delivery Job in Assam I Guwahati I Northeast 2019

Swiggy Delivery Job in Assam I Guwahati I Northeast 2019

                                                             Swiggy Delivery Job in Assam I Guwahati I Northeast 2019

Swiggy is job is like zomato delivery service.If you want join swiggy delivery job in assam you should have your bike for delivery home to home.Once you eligible for this you can apply for job on the link given below.You can get around 10000 to 15000 with incentive monthly basis.If you are interested than you can visit online apply forum and submit your details.

Swiggy is a phoenix that rose out of Harsha & Nandan's earlier venture, Bundl Technologies. After a slow start, Swiggy snowballed into an unstoppable force that is now changing the way India eats. What happened along the way?In August of 2014, Swiggy began operations by signing up a few restaurants in Koramangala, Bengaluru. Soon enough, the first team of Hunger Saviors came into action to deliver food within 40 minutes. Shortly after, Swiggy raised its first round of funding and launched the app in May of 2015. Fun fact: The technology that delivers great food right to your doorstep was completely developed in-house!

Swiggy Delivery Job in Assam I Guwahati I Northeast 2019

Let's take you through the incredible growth story of the company that is changing the way India eats now a days!
Learn about this, we will look at the growth in three key aspects - the number of restaurant partners, the number of order completed, and of course, the most important - the number of Delivery partners!Let's rewind back to August 2014 when Siwggy began.
Did you know, the founders of Swiggy were its first 3 delivery partners! And the grand total of the orders completed on the first day of Swiggy's launch was zero!
But with hard work and dedication, things picked up, and at the end of the first month, this is what the scoreboard looked like:

How To Connect your restaurant with Swiggy team

Swiggy provides a lot of flexibility depending on how you want to work. We have full-time, part-time and weekend part-timers as well, depending on cities. To become a Hunger Saviour at Swiggy, you must have the following documents:
  1. Aadhaar card
  2. Driving License
  3. Bank account passbook (Account should be on your name)
  4. Android mobile v4.4.2
Once you have these documents, you can proceed to the nearest onboarding centre to attend the interview and training process, to start working with Swiggy. For your convenience, find below the list of onboarding centres across the country:

swiggy guwahati recruitment:-

At Swiggy, we're always on the lookout for someone who believes in putting consumers above everyone and everything else, while envisioning growth and pursuing excellence for the years to come. Sounds like you?

Swiggy Guwahati office:- Folling are the contact details of swiggy guwahati office,if you want more info regarding swiggy guwahati office address than you can visit official site given on bottom of this page.

Anand nagar-01246719500

If you have any doubt regarding following question please let us know by comments.

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How to join Swiggy Delivery Job in Assam I Guwahati I Northeast 2019
You can apply directly on official swiggy portal-Link here

Don't pay money for job.Our Best wishes always with you.


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