Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Register your name for job in Bharat E-Niyog online portal | govt approved


The Bharat e-Niyog”- conceptualized and developed by City Consultant under the initiative of Assam Electronics development corporation Ltd (AMTRON), Ministry of Information Technology, Govt of Assam, is India’s 1st ever Job linked Online Digital Register for Unemployed and employable manpower.
Register your name for job in Bharat E-Niyog online portal | govt approved

It is a one stop digital platform for the Job seekers who after getting registered are eventually mapped with different job opportunities based on their qualification and experiences which finally provides them with chances to get employed.
Bharat e-Niyog” was launched on 3rd Feb’2018 by Hon’ble Minister for Information Technology, Govt of Assam under the initiative of AMTRON in Association with City Consultant.


Our Mission is to build a comprehensive and complete database of unemployed and employable youths through Online Digital Register and act as bridge between them and the Recruiters so that each and every registered candidate gets job opportunities as per their Individual credentials. We strive to make the entire process of short listing and selection of right candidate for the right job completely digital with Zero human intervention.


The main Objective of creating the “Bharat e-Niyog” has evolved from the issues faced both by the job seekers as well as recruiters to locate best fit job and vice-versa. Today, in the absence of a comprehensive manpower database more specific to Assam and Northeast, it becomes extremely difficult for the intending recruiters to track and find suitable local candidates with the desired credentials.
Similarly, the intending job seekers are also neither aware of the different positions or vacancies available nor do they know about the skill sets which will be required to get employed.
However, since “Bharat e-Niyog” is India’s 1st ever Online Digital Register which selects best fit candidates for different job openings through a “Candidate selection software engine”, without any human interference, all the issues currently being faced by both Job seekers and employers will get addressed leading to higher employment opportunities to the deserving candidates


Dear Registered Candidates, Kindly update your all relevant DATA (Highest Qualification,Work Experience,Location,Date of Birth,Skill,Gender,email ID,Phone numbers etc.) on or before 23rd May 2019. Administration -eNIYOG (eREGISTER)

Franchise Wanted
We are looking for Franchises district Wise for Bharat eNiyog (The JOB-Linked eREGISTER).Individual,Business Firm,Institution,Online Business Operator,Placement Consultant etc are welcome.Kindly connect us with our mail I'd

Dear Candidates, You are requested to renew your subscription on eNIYOG(JOB-Linked eREGISTER)as soon as possible.Renewal discount has been sent your Mobile Number.USE the CODE and RENEW at only Rs.99/-.Offer Valid till 31st May only. Administration eNIYOG(JOB-Linked eREGISTER)

How to Apply: Here is the process of apply.pLease follow the photos given bellow-

After successfully apply you will get one confirmation sms than you have to pay Rs.300 for 1 year registration.

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