Work from Home | Work and earn daily 50 to 200 Rs.By using Smart Phone

Hi! guys today here one of the Internet legend from Assam inviting all the interested and SmartPhone users who really want to work from home by using their smartphone. If you have multiple mobile phones your earning will be double/triple depending number of mobile phones using by users.
Work from Home | Work and earn daily 50 to 200 Rs.By using Smart Phone

Company Name: Individual business/Internet business

Below are the requirement you should have before starting this work-

1. Smart Mobile phone-Maximum mobile maximum earnings.
2. One mobile app-Turbo VPN-download
3. One Social app for training purpose-Telegram app-download 
4. Join Telegram Channel for few days audio-video  training before work starts(after telegram app installed click this link to join)-Join our Telegram Channel

Daily working time: Evening 4 pm to 12 pm { 2 to 3 hours at a free time after 4 pm everyday}
Payment system: Daily or Monthly payment. Daily 50 to 200 rs. depending on how much mobile you have. If any users are able to ready to take monthly payment they will get a good amount than a daily payment.

Note: After getting 1000 telegram users they will conduct audio-video training on mobile for 2 to 3 days by creating a 10-minute video on the telegram app. From here you will also learn some internet marketing techniques

Stop wasting time and join the Telegram Channel  Now. Use Your free time to grab some money..