Protests Against CAA Across North East-Anti CAA Movement Resume

Protests Against CAA Across NE

GUWAHATI, Dec 11: With the completion of one year of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 today, protests staged across Assam and other northeastern states against the controversial legislation with several

Protests Against CAA Across North East-Anti CAA  Movement Resume

organisations in-cluding the All Assam Stu-dents' Union (AASU). North East Students' Organisation (NESO), Krishak Mukti Sangram Samity (KMSS) and AsomJatiyataba-di Yuba Chhatra Parishad (AJYCP) taking to streets, demanding the repeal of the Act. The first anniversary of CM was observed as 'black day' across the northeastern region by the NESO. The stu-dent bodies of the region also warned the Centre that the entire NE is united against the Act and any attempt to impose it on these states will be strongly opposed.


The protesters displayed black flags and shouted slo-gans against the Act in public places, demanding its repeal and terming it unconstitu-tional, communal, anti-indig-enous and anti-NE. Amid protests by several organisations in the region and a series of agitations launched by the AASU in Assam, the Rajya Sabha on December 11, 2019. passed the CM. Earlier on December 9. 2019. the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill was tabled and passed in the Lok Sabha's Winter Session and then it got President Ram Nath Kovind's signature on December 12.

The NESO on December 10, 2019, had called for a NE shut-down in protest against the CAB to put a united fight against the Bill. Passing of the Bill in Parliament on the next day triggered massive and spontaneous protests in Assam and various parts of the NE. "The Central government tried to divide the NE states during the anti CAA protest by excluding the states having inner line permit (ILP) and the Sixth Schedule areas. However. in subsequent days, the people of NE showed that no such attempts to divide the NE would be successful. Though the pandemic and subsequent lockdown affect-ed the anti-CAA protest to some extent, the movement has been revived once again. and we will not stop till this legislation is repealed." NESO president Samuel Jyrwa said.


Anti CAA  Movement to Resume with new vigour

"The mass movement against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CM) has not ended. It lost pace due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is clear that we will never accept implementation of the Act." singer Zubeen Garg said, addressing the 'Gana Hungkar' mass protest here on Saturday.

The event was organised by the All Guwahati Stu-dents' Union and the artiste fraternity of Assam in association with the people of Hatigaon area at the Hatigaon High School premises. Last year on this day.17-year-old Sam Stafford had lost his life at Hatigaon when security personnel opened fire at an anti CM march.

Zubeen Garg urged the Central government to sit for talks with the agitators. He stated that the people of Assam would always stand by the families of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the anti-CAA movement.

Led by the AASU. organisations representing various indigenous groups on Saturday organised massive 'Gana Hungkar' demonstrations across the State against the CAA.

Speaking on the occasion, newly elected general secretary of the All Assam Students' Union (AAS(J) Sankor Jyoti Baruah said. "The people of Assam will never sell their conscience in exchange for some freebies doled out by the government. They are not fools. We warn the State government against underestimating the people. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the anti-CAA movement got disrupted to some extent. but we will resume it with new vigour very soon."

He said that during the anti-CAA movement, the people of Assam proved that they could overcome any obstacle to safeguard their interests.

North East Students' Organisation (NESO) advisor Samujjal Kumar Bhattacharya demanded that the State government carry out a probe by a judge of the Gauhati High Court into the killing of the five youths during the anti CAA movement. "On this day last year, the people of Assam showed their strength by defying the curfew in protest against the CAA. The movement does not end here. Protests in the fields and on the streets will continue parallelly against the Act," he said.

He announced that AASU will take responsibility to give a new lease of life to those who became disabled due to bullet injuries during the protests.

In the meeting. actress Barsha Rani Bishaya said there was a need to continue both the legal fight and mass pro-tests on the street against the CAA. "I am optimistic that the Supreme Court will scrap the CM soon." she said.

Advocate Satyen Surma in his speech asserted that the BJP-led government will never achieve success while dividing the people of Assam in the name of religion. He said that slogans like "Potharo Amen; &jam Amur" coined by the government will not be able to stop the movement. Advocate Nekibur Zaman also called for a united movement against the CAA.

AASU president Dipanka Kumar Nadi, singer Manisha Hazarilca and fashion designer Garima Saikia Garg. among others, also spoke on the occasion. The event started with a tribute to the martyrs of the anti-CM movement, where the family members of Sam Stafford also took part.